Carl Cox Motorsport [Binch Racing]


Introducing the Binch Racing Cap by Carl Cox Motorsport and Uggly&Co - a striking tribute to the legendary DJ Carl Cox and his passion for motorsport! This black and white cap is a true collector's item, featuring an exclusive design that seamlessly merges the iconic Carl Cox logo and Yamaha Racing logos.

The centerpiece of this cap is the Carl Cox logo, which is artfully split across the mesh. The iconic symbol represents the legendary DJ's remarkable talent and unwavering dedication to music and motorsport. This unique design element adds a touch of exclusivity and sets this cap apart from the rest.

Additionally, the cap proudly displays Yamaha Racing logos, showcasing the partnership between Binch Racing and the renowned motorsport brand. The combination of these logos signifies the perfect synergy between two powerhouses in the entertainment and racing industries.

Whether you're a devoted fan of Carl Cox, an avid motorsport enthusiast, or simply appreciate high-quality and stylish headwear, the Binch Racing Cap is a must-have addition to your collection. Embrace the spirit of speed, adrenaline, and music as you wear this cap with pride and style.

  • Official Binch Racing & Carl Cox Motorsport Merchandise 
  • Breathable nylon mesh back
  • Curved Peak 
  • Adult adjustable – one size fits most