The No.1 Collection has undeniably left an mark on 2023. Premiering at our first pop-up shop of the year at Silverstone, it made its debut in a distinctive new mustard hoodie. The resonance of this collection became apparent after its first day, revealing its unparalleled uniqueness.

Following a meticulous production process involving precise dyeing, cutting, and sewing for each garment, we achieved the desired shape and style. The latest addition to the collection is the 180gsm heavyweight tee, boasting a soft finish touch. Drawing inspiration from Hoonigan flattrack racing, the design subtly features a No.1 Plate—a symbol reserved for racers who have clinched the championship and opt to defend their title the following year, a true testament to victory.

Interwoven into the fabric of this collection is our enduring motto, one that has been with us since our first ever Tee in 2017: "Glory Favours the Brave." A sentiment profoundly resonant in the realm of adrenaline-fuelled sports.

The final product emerges on a mocha-colored tee, adorned with a blend of beiges and browns that tastefully complement the overall aesthetic. This subtle yet unforgettable tee stands as a testament to genuine passion for motorcycle racing. The No.1 Collection not only marks a milestone but encapsulates the essence of victory, courage, and a longstanding commitment to the sport.

This tee, and the entire collection, holds profound significance for us as a brand deeply embedded in the racing community. The pursuit of being at the pinnacle of any sport is nothing short of a remarkable journey. Therefore, with immense pride, we announce the introduction of this new tee, a testament to our dedication and passion for the world of racing.

December 02, 2023

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