The No.1 Mustard Hoodie has emerged as a standout favorite in our No.1 Collection, and we often get asked about its distinctly vintage appearance. Allow us to shed some light on what makes this hoodie a timeless classic.

Firstly, let's talk about the color. While we affectionately call it "mustard," it's not just any mustard. During our production process, we specifically dye it to achieve a golden, dusty mustard shade. This unique hue, coupled with a vintage wash applied at the end of production, gives the hoodie a worn-in look, as if it has already weathered the passage of time.

Moving on to the design – every No.1 hoodie features a hand-sketched design, and the Mustard Hoodie is no exception. The prominent numeral 1, boldly displayed, was inspired by vintage flattrack racing. The idea sprouted from our exploration of vintage flattrack photos that resonated with the spirit of champions defending their titles.

As you glance at the photo, you'll notice the influence of those vintage flattrack images that served as our initial muse for this piece. The significant "1" was a common sight on flattrack racing scenes, especially after a returning champion successfully defended their championship. It's a nod to the grit, determination, and timeless style associated with the golden era of racing.

So, the No.1 Mustard Hoodie isn't just a hoodie – it's a carefully crafted piece that encapsulates the essence of vintage flattrack racing. From its golden dusty mustard color to the hand-sketched design, every detail is intentional, telling a story that resonates with racing enthusiasts who appreciate the timeless allure of the track.

January 29, 2024

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