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Introducing The Garage Signs Collection!

Experience a selection of 5 distinct signs, each with its own unique charm. Included in the collection are two Garage signs inspired by the Collaboration clothing collection: the Adrenaline Addiction Clinic design and the iconic Garage Design with the motto "If the lights are on, don't bother knocking, just come on in." The third design draws inspiration from vintage American number plates, featuring the Black Dub Isle of Man-inspired. Also included is the Orange Road metal sign, showcasing the same logo seen on all The Black Dub x Uggly&Co collaboration clothing, embodying the twists and turns of that challenging yet thrilling section. Lastly, behold a stunning picture, that has been sketched from the Isle of Man TT 2023, capturing Davey Todd on the Padgetts Milenco bike, racing around The Black Dub at a breathtaking 150mph+. This iconic photo encapsulates the essence of The Black Dub section.

We're offering a bundle deal so you can enjoy all 5 signs at a discounted price, or indulge yourself with just one. These signs make the perfect addition to any 'man cave,' offering a nostalgic touch of the Isle of Man TT and The Black Dub.



All Signs: 30 x 40cm 

Number Plate Sign: 15cm x 30cm 

Wall mounted holes in all 4 corners. 

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