Lightning Bolt Cap

Proveedor Uggly and Co

Introducing the 'Since 95' Black Dub Cap. This cap, adorned with unique and eye-catching designs, is a tribute to the rich history and significance of the Black Dub, Mile 9.

Crafted in classic black and white, with gold print on the front. The cap features the Black Dub signature Spark-Plug design with its wings! The design was initially sketched out for a tattoo, I think we speak for us all when we say were glad it didn't just stay as a tattoo! 

The front logo of the cap proudly showcases "St Johns, Isle of Man," paying homage to the remarkable location of the Black Dub. Known for its historical importance, this Mile 9 landmark holds a special place in the hearts of locals and TT fans alike. Wearing this cap allows you to carry a piece of the Black Dub's unique charm wherever you go.

Adding to its significance, the cap features a prominent "95'" on the front. This number serves as a reminder of The Black Dubs roots. It represents the historical significance and nostalgia associated with the Black Dub, reminding us of its roots as Petrol Station & Garage. 

  • The Black Dub
  • Breathable nylon mesh back
  • Curved Peak 
  • Adult adjustable – one size fits most


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