Wow, well, this is truly something special and unique! We were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the talented Joey "Yorkshire" Thompson for the prestigious Macau GP. Joey has been an integral part of our brand since 2021, and it was an incredible experience to finally join forces with him closely on the design of the 2023 helmet.

The design of this helmet showcases our iconic staple logo prominently placed on the jawline, a symbol you'll recognize on riders across the globe. These riders not only sport our logo but also support the brand that, in turn, supports the racing community—it's a full circle of support! Behind this staple logo, there's a subtle yet impactful touch: 'Uggly&Co' in Chinese characters, gently faded into the background.

The striking red and gold color scheme was meticulously chosen for the unique street circuit of Macau. And what truly sets this design apart is the majestic Chinese dragon gracefully adorning the top of the helmet. It's an eye-catching feature that simply can't be missed on the track!

The collaboration with Joey Thompson brought this remarkable colorway and design to life, and we're incredibly proud of the result. It's not every day you get to work on something so distinctive and special, and this helmet is a true testament to the creativity and passion shared between Joey and our team.

Remember, if you're looking to capture that 'factory' look for yourself, you can easily find it by searching in our website's search bar for 'Helmet Sticker Pack.' This will give you a similar aesthetic to the design featured on Joey Thompson's helmet at the Macau GP. Whether you're a rider, fan, or collector, this sticker pack is a great way to bring a touch of that iconic style to your gear.

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