This year marked an exhilarating milestone for us as we ventured into the dynamic world of car shows, and what a ride it was! The Motorsport Autoshow became the stage for our debut, and we couldn't have asked for a more thrilling experience. Partnering with our long-time friends from The Black Dub, we revved up the engines, and boy, did we pull out all the stops!

Our lineup was nothing short of jaw-dropping. Picture this – not one but two ex-MotoGP bikes stealing the spotlight. The first was Andrea Dovizioso's machine, a marvel in itself. The second, an iconic Marlboro Ducati, a powerhouse known throughout the motorsport realm. It was a feast for the eyes for every motorsport enthusiast present at the show.

Yet, the real showstopper was our meticulously crafted cafe racer, a Yamaha XS, nestled snugly in the bed of a '67 Chevy C10 slammed to the ground on air ride. This masterpiece not only showcased our passion for innovation but also paid homage to The Black Dub's roots, being one of their first trucks. The sheer beauty of the Yamaha XS against the vintage Chevy was a sight to behold.

The response from the car community was nothing short of phenomenal. Among our standout merchandise, the "Garage Cap," inspired by our Chevy setup, emerged as a fan favorite. With the Chevy insignia proudly displayed, this trucker cap became the must-have accessory for every automotive enthusiast at the show.

The Motorsport Autoshow brought together a community united by a shared love for speed, style, and innovation. The positive energy and support we received made our January all the more exciting and unforgettable. The car culture truly knows how to turn up the heat even in the midst of winter!

As we reflect on this incredible experience, we're already gearing up for our next adventure. The thrill of the open road, the roar of engines, and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts drive us forward. Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of where we'll be popping up next – because this is just the beginning of an epic journey fueled by a love for all things fast and fantastic!

05 février, 2024

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