Celebrating a pivotal moment in our brand's journey, securing the British Superstock 600 Championship with the talented BSB rider Max Cook stands out as one of our most exhilarating experiences. The season was nothing short of spectacular, witnessing Max's dominance in the latter part, setting lap records and clinching numerous victories.

Our partnership with Binch Racing in 2018 marked a significant milestone as our inaugural supported team. From the inaugural year with Adam Mclean, Zak Courderoy securing a remarkable 3rd place, to Max Cook and Sam Laffins, our journey has been filled with triumphs over just four seasons. We've not only claimed multiple victories and pole positions but also created indelible memories.

The thrill extended to the iconic Manx Grand Prix/ Classic TT, where we had the privilege of racing with renowned names like Lee Johnston, Adam Mclean, Jamie Coward, and our dear friend Gary Vines on the 250 two-strokes. Witnessing the number 1 plate proudly adorning the Uggly&Co bike represents an enormous milestone for us.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the incredible community that has rallied behind our brand. Your unwavering support has allowed us to extend our encouragement to the racing world. Together, we've cultivated the best community, and we express our gratitude for being an integral part of our journey. Thank you!

16 février, 2024

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