Introducing the latest addition to the Garage Collection – the innovative 'Recycled' Garage Hoodie by Uggly&Co. This isn't your typical zip hoodie; it's a unique garment crafted from recycled cotton sourced from the Grey AA Jumper and Black Carl Cox Hoodie of the Black Dubs main collection.

At Uggly&Co, we're committed to sustainability, and this hoodie is our way of making a positive impact. Constructed with recycled cotton, we've taken an extra step during production by dyeing the fabric before washing. This means that when you care for your new purchase, it's essential to wash it at the lowest temperature in your washing machine.

For optimal results, we recommend handwashing whenever possible to ensure that no mixed colors end up in the wash. We believe in doing our small part to contribute to a more sustainable future, and the 'Recycled' Garage Hoodie is a stylish way to support eco-friendly practices!

30 noviembre 2023
Etiquetas: Recycled Cotton

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