Meet Jamie Williams, the latest addition to the Uggly&Co Racing team. Jamie's journey with us began after a stellar performance at the Manx GP in 2022, where he caught our attention with his undeniable skill and passion for racing. As our Uggly&Co team wrapped up a pop-up shop, after seeing you guys! We had a bit of a suprise!

Post-pop-up shop, the team decided to unwind over beers - not the first time! To our surprise and delight, the TV screen flickered to highlights from the Manx GP, and there was Jamie—repping an Uggly&Co Cap, representing the brand in full force. It was an unexpected and thrilling moment that instantly forged a connection between Jamie and our team.

Since that evening, Jamie has become an invaluable part of the Uggly&Co Racing family, racing proudly under our banner. His dedication to the sport and the camaraderie he shares with the team have made him a cherished member.

Looking ahead, the future with Jamie and JLG Racing is nothing short of exciting. Plans are already in motion for next year, with a return to the iconic Isle of Man TT and numerous thrilling races on the horizon.

As Jamie continues to carve his path in the world of racing, we at Uggly&Co are thrilled to be part of his journey. Stay tuned for the adventures that lie ahead, as we race into an exciting future together with Jamie Williams and the entire Uggly&Co Racing team!

15 diciembre 2023

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