Introducing the Mark II - Black Dub Garage Shirts

In the realm of handcrafted fashion, few pieces hold the same level of nostalgic charm and timeless appeal as our Garage Shirts. Originally launched in 2020, these shirts quickly became a symbol of craftsmanship and authenticity. Now, in an exciting partnership with Black Dub, we are thrilled to announce the return of these iconic garments in an enhanced and reimagined form—introducing the Mark II Black Dub Garage Shirts.

The genesis of these shirts traces back to the 1970s, drawing direct inspiration from the garage shirts utilised at The Black Dub petrol station. Made from history, the iconic blue shirt boasts chenille-style embroidery and woven badges, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

The bittersweet news is that the original iteration, the Mark I, is no longer available. However, the good news far outweighs the somber, as we've meticulously reimagined and improved upon them, bringing you the Mark II Black Dub Garage Shirts. For those keen on exclusivity, a discreet drop was recently unveiled at the Goodwood Revival.

So, what makes the Mark II so special? The devil is in the details, and we've left no stone unturned. Picture this—a fusion of orange seams on the buttons, pockets inspired by cigarettes, hand-stamped labels, and orange road signs reminiscent of the iconic Black Dub. These carefully curated details elevate the shirts to a new level of craftsmanship and style.

As a nod to individuality, we are thrilled to announce that the Mark II will be available in not one, but two captivating colours. While bidding farewell to the Mark I tugs at our heartstrings, the Mark II promises an evolution that is nothing short of extraordinary.

To stay in the loop and be the first to secure these revamped classics, be sure to follow our social media channels. Trust us; you won't want to miss the moment when these distinctive pieces make their grand return. The Mark II Black Dub Garage Shirts are not just a garment; they are a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and the timeless spirit of The Black Dub. Get ready to make a statement—stay tuned!

11 diciembre 2023

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