For those acquainted with the Uggly&Co brand, the presence of DJ Carl Cox has been instrumental since 2018. His unwavering support has significantly contributed to representing our brand. However, witnessing Carl Cox don the Uggly&Co x The Black Dub Super Shield Tee was nothing short of extraordinary! This particular tee, one of the first three we ever produced, was now being proudly worn by the legendary Carl Cox.

This moment marked a crazy milestone for us, and the feeling was truly amazing. Watching a music icon of Carl Cox's caliber doing what he does best while sporting the very T-shirt that kicked off our journey was surreal. It's a testament to the incredible journey we've had, and having someone like Carl Cox as a supporter adds an extra layer of significance to our brand. Here's to more milestones and memorable moments with the support of legends like Carl Cox!

07 febrero 2024

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