At Uggly&Co, supporting racing is not just a philosophy; it's a commitment that extends to every aspect of our brand. For the past two years, our presence, alongside Carl Cox Motorsport, has been visible at Ballacraine Corner during the Isle of Man racing events. This collaboration with the legendary Carl Cox is more than a partnership; it's a seamless blend of shared values in supporting the world of racing.

Ballacraine Corner, situated just 2 miles before the exclusive Black Dub Corner, holds its own significance with a renowned 90-degree right-hander. Our joint support for this corner, in conjunction with Carl Cox Motorsport, reflects our dedication to enhancing the racing experience.

One notable instance occurred when, unfortunately, road closures prevented Carl from joining us at The Black Dub as usual. Undeterred, he made his way to Ballacraine instead. What makes this support even more special is the presence of the same logo on the banners displayed on the "BD x UG Tee" that Carl wears. This tee, one of the original three that marked the beginning of our journey, has become a symbol of this incredible collaboration.

Witnessing the legend himself, Carl Cox, in one of our initial tees is a monumental milestone and a testament to the shared vision we have in supporting the racing community. It's truly an amazing and unforgettable experience for us at Uggly&Co. Here's to more milestones and shared moments in the world of racing!

17 febrero 2024

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