Tom Knight is not just any rider; he comes from a lineage of champions. His uncle, David Knight, boasts an impressive resume as a multiple-time world champion, USA champion, and British champion. The Knight family's racing prowess doesn't end there – Euan Knight, Tom's father, has carved his own path as one of the talents in the enduro world, enjoying a highly successful career.

What sets Tom apart is his versatility across various racing disciplines. From navigating sidecars to conquering the challenging terrains of enduro and trials, Tom Knight is a force to be reckoned with. Not one to shy away from new challenges, he even dabbles in the occasional circuit racing, showcasing the breadth of his skills and passion for the sport.

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of catching up with Tom to discuss his plans for the season. Little did we know that shortly after our conversation, he would face a significant setback. At the Jurby Motorcycle Festival on the Isle of Man during the Manx Grand Prix, Tom suffered a serious leg injury. Since August, he has been on the road to recovery, navigating the challenges of rehabilitation with determination and resilience.

As supporters of Tom Knight, we eagerly anticipate his return to the track. The racing community is eager to witness the comeback of this formidable talent, knowing that his spirit and dedication will propel him back into the spotlight. Despite the hurdles, Tom remains undeterred, fueled by a passion for the sport that runs in his blood.

Tom Knight's journey in the world of racing is a testament to the enduring spirit of champions. From a storied family dynasty to his own exploits across various racing disciplines, Tom has proven himself as a force in the world of enduro and trials. As he continues his journey of recovery, the racing community eagerly awaits the return of this exceptional rider, ready to witness him once again conquer the tracks with the same tenacity that defines the Knight legacy.

And when he does, keep an eye out for Tom in his favorite chequered brown hoodie. This iconic piece features the unmistakable insignia of the chequered flag, a symbol synonymous with the thrill of victory, as well as the establishment of our racing family in 2017, proudly displayed in Roman numerals. It's more than just a hoodie; it's a symbol of Tom's journey and a nod to the victories that lie ahead... 

23 enero 2024

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