In 2022, the iconic collaboration between Carl Cox Motorsport, Uggly&Co, Yamaha Racing, and Binch Racing saw the debut of the legendary R6. Max Cook took the reins for its end of the season, followed by Damo Rees in 2023. The livery of this racing marvel was nothing short of stunning, turning heads wherever it went with its standout black and white aesthetic.

The prominent logo of Carl Cox on the side, coupled with the unmistakable Uggly&Co branding, made it a visual spectacle. However, there was a unique addition to the design – a QR code. This QR code served as a bridge between motorsport enthusiasts and Carl Cox's music.

The QR code was more than just a design element; it was a portal to Carl Cox's latest track, "See the Sun Rising," featuring Franky Wah. As motorsport fans admired the beauty of the Yamaha R6, they could also scan the QR code to instantly experience the epic new song. It was a creative and interactive way to share Carl Cox's music with a broader audience, blending the worlds of motorsport and music in a truly unique manner. 

14 febrero 2024

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