The thrill of scrolling through Instagram took an exciting turn when we spotted none other than DJ Carl Cox donning the "Gas Pump Tee" from The Black Dub x Uggly&Co Collection. What added to the excitement was the revelation that Zenith Watches and Extreme E had invited Carl to witness the racing action in person. The entire experience seemed like a blast, with Carl not only witnessing his team secure the first podium of the year but also treating the audience to a set. The collaboration continued as Carl Cox later joined an event hosted by the legend himself.

The cool factor hit new heights seeing the iconic Carl Cox in our tees, and the excitement of such moments is something that will never get old for us. It's a testament to the universal appeal and recognition that our collection holds, especially when adorned by a legend in the music and racing world. Here's to more thrilling moments and legendary sightings in our tees!

22 febrero 2024

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