The Isle of Man TT – an event so deeply entrenched in adrenaline that it becomes an addiction. This visceral experience inspired us to collaborate with The Black Dub and create the Adrenaline Addiction Tee. The phrase was coined by the fantastic folks at The Black Dub during their inaugural year as the spectating platform for the Isle of Man TT. It perfectly captures the intense rush that both riders and spectators crave, drawing thousands to the island annually.

Venturing past The Black Dub, on mile 9, lies the famous viewing spot where speeds on a superbike reach a staggering 148mph. What makes it even more heart-pounding is that it's not a straight stretch but an airborne right-hander. Riders seem to defy gravity as they lean towards the cliff, only to drift to the other side of the road right in front of The Black Dub spectators. A moment suspended in time before they downshift, preparing for a sweeping, off-camber, blind left-hander on the way to Glen Helen – an outstanding spot in its own right.

The collection we've crafted with The Black Dub serves as a year-round tribute to this adrenaline-fueled phenomenon. It encapsulates the thrill, the danger, and the sheer excitement that defines the Isle of Man TT. With every tee, we invite you to carry a piece of this electrifying experience, immortalizing the breathtaking moments that unfold on the Isle of Man's iconic racing circuit. So, whether you're a rider yearning for that speed rush or a spectator relishing the edge-of-your-seat moments, our Adrenaline Addiction Tee is a perfect ode to the Isle of Man TT's unparalleled allure.

25 enero 2024

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