We're excited to announce that our new garage metal signs are back in stock online! These signs sold out quickly during the Isle of Man TT, but we're happy to say they're now available again. Inspired directly by The Black Dub, the "150mph" sign captures the true speed at which superbikes zoom past this iconic spot during the Isle of Man TT.

Imagine or remember (if you've attended) the thrilling scene: bikes going airborne over a crest, landing out of shape, downshifting two gears, and tipping into a blind, off-camber, damp left-hander. This terrifyingly fast bend through a glen, where the cliffs maximize the roar of the superbikes, is truly awe-inspiring. At 150mph, this is one hell of a speed, and we felt it was only right to commemorate it with our new sign.

You can purchase this unique piece by using our search bar and looking for "Garage Metal Signs." 

28 junio 2024

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